Sunday, March 27, 2011

After the Wedding - The MonteBello B&B Inn

Saturday after the wedding, after the clean-up was finished and all the goodbyes were said {after Maureen & Alan left for their honeymoon} we all headed to Ames, Iowa. To the MonteBello B&B Inn. 

We came around a corner and to the end on the road and there it was. Isn't it beautiful!

Our gracious hosts and owners of the inn, Daphne and Jaime Reyes. Thank you so much for everything, we had such a great time!

As soon as we got there, we had to go exploring of course. I love the bright colors and all the little details.

So much to see everywhere, I wish I had a few more days. Check out the tile work on these stairs! I love it! Trevor, I can see you in the mirror, what are you doing?

This is our room, for tonight, doesn't it look comfortable and inviting?

Todd thought so.....he had to try it out right away.....a little afternoon siesta. It was a really long day, but SO much fun!

Left to right: Trevor Sniegowski, Grandma Kay Eden, Kristy & Chris Billings (brother and sister-in-law), Michelle Nighswander (sister), Me and Mr. Sniegowski
Keeping with the theme of the evening, we decided to head into town for dinner at La Fuente restaurant. The food and drinks were awesome, it was so good to get caught up on life with my family. It had been way too long since I had seen some of them. And it was so nice to finally meet Chris's new wife Kristy {she's a keeper}! Thanks for taking the photo, Emily!

Oh what a great day! Good Night!


MonteBello said...

Laurie, I just replied to your post. I enjoyed looking at the pictures.

Thanks again,