Monday, May 21, 2012

My New Entryway Table {Before and After} Makeover

We have had this little chest of drawers for a long time. I think it was Todd's when he was young. Then after we were married we used it in Monica's room when she was a little girl. This is my very first furniture renovation. I didn't get a real "before" picture, this one was taken after we already started. We took out the top two smaller drawers and boxed in that space to use with two baskets.

Todd seems to really enjoy working out in the man cave on a project, it just seems hard to find the time to do it. Finally life is settling down a little, now that we are "empty nesters". Here he is doing some of the finishing work on the dresser.

After we boxed in the top part, we added a little piece of decorative trim around the opening to make it look nice. And, we changed the hardware to my favorite glass knobs. That really changed how it looks.
For the finish, I painted it Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black {no primer, because I didn't want it to show through when I distressed it}. Then I used some sand paper to distress the edges. I went over the edges with a dark brown stain touch up pen. And lastly applied a coat of poly to seal everything. I love how it turned out and its perfect for the new space I wanted to use it for.

Here it is, in its new spot, right inside our front door. Its the first thing you see when you enter. We finished right before Christmas, so it was really fun to decorate it for the holiday season. The window in the photo above was saved from our very first investment property, the one that got demolished after the flood. I cleaned it up a little, gave it a coat of  Sherwin Williams, Alabaster, distressed it and put on a coat of poly. Todd made the shelf, I made the little tissue paper balls and the hollly berry letter "S". All of these I found on Pinterest!! I Love Pinterest. I will give the links to these projects on another day, soon.
I love how it all came together, what do you think?