Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yes, I Am Still Alive! And, I'm Back! And We Are Finally Finished with ALL of our Flooded Properties!

The last part of 2011 was very long for us. And also very rewarding. We finally finished our last flooded rental property and actually got both units rented. Three years and six months after the flood of 2008 we are FINALLY DONE! I hope to share all the final photos and some before and after photos also this week.

It was such a feeling of relief to actually realize that we were going to make it, going to get back to normal. I have to say one thing, I do realize that there are so many people in this world that are going through things that are so much more tragic than what we have been through and I am thankful for all that I have, everyday of my life. I have learned so much about life and about myself from this whole experience. This is just our story of what we have experienced and I hope that by sharing it, maybe I can inspire or help someone else even a little bit.
This is our duplex and the last of our properties to be renovated after the flood. It worked out that we had a construction crew do most of the work on this last property. Mike Cutter Construction started working in July of 2011 and after much red tape, working with the City of Cedar Rapids and Small Business Administration we were finally finished with the upper unit and the exterior by the beginning of December 2011. It looks so nice with its new windows, doors and siding, Cutter Construction did a great job!

Here are a few photos of the finished upper unit:

Everything is so clean and new and fresh!

I really like the colors. The wall color is Sherwin Williams, Killim Beige and the trim color is just straight out of the can white, Sherwin Williams.  I love it, and I am so happy its done!

This unit is a two bedroom with the whole upstairs as a loft.

And, a shot of the happy new tenants on moving in day. They may look familiar to some of you, it's our daughter Monica and her fiance, Drew.