Thursday, July 9, 2009

Community Church of Glen Rock, New Jersey

These pictures are from the week of June 29th - July 3rd. We had an awesome group of incredibly talented people mainly from New Jersey helping us last week. We made so much progress and had a lot of fun too. We painted the outside of 908 7th St. SW. What do you think of the color? The windows on the main floor are now framed up to look like the old style of the rest of the house, I am totally in awe of the talent, I love the windows, they look great! Also, the entire back porch was gutted and replaced, a new door and window were installed in the porch and the metal soffit pieces under the roof on the front porch were replaced. Oh, they also installed laminate wood flooring, then we had a dance party on it! I hope to post a video of that soon, I am just so new at this whole blogging thing that it takes me a long time to figure out how to do things.
Pictured above, left to right, front to back are: Rich Briggs, Carver Diserens, Elizabeth Gulmy, Karla Diserens, Leigh Ricciardi, Heather Ricciardi, Karen Ricciardi, Matt Flaherty, Marty "Mongo" Moynihan, Peter Chadwick, Gary Montroy, Patrick "Patches" Hughes & Phil Vanderwerker.
I really enjoyed getting to know you all, please keep in touch. I think of you and miss you, thank you so much for all of your hard work. It means so much to us and we will never forget your kindness.
May God bless you, as He has us.
Laurie & Todd